The most fun you've ever had in the woods!


Monument Mountain, looking North toward Mt. Greylock

Welcome to the New Haven Hiking Club, a friendly group of people that meet on a regular basis to enjoy the outdoors in good company. Currently numbering about 280 members, we get outside in various ways, including hiking, bicycling, paddling, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.

In addition to the outdoor activities, our members add spice and variety with some of the finest slide shows, barbecues and potluck dinners a club could offer. Club members like to eat!

Our club is strongly supported by the essential contributions of volunteer leaders who scout the trails, plan the routes and meet fellow hikers at the appointed meeting spot. Outwardly focused as well, the club helps to maintain the trails we hike and donates money to fund trail maintenance performed by such organizations as the Connecticut Forest and Park Association, the Sleeping Giant Park Association, and the West Rock Ridge Park Association, among others.

Prospective members are welcome to participate in our events, and we hope you like the club enough to become a member, which is only $15 per year. The outings on our activities page are only a fraction of the events we offer; many more events are published only to members.

As a member of the club, you can join in the camaraderie that develops as we spend time together in club activities. We hope the New Haven Hiking Club offers something of interest for you and we look forward to seeing you on the trail (or road or water) sometime soon!!

Our History

Rusty Lantern

In 1931, with the active encouragement of the New Haven Board of Recreation, a small group of enthusiasts founded the New Haven Hiking Club. During the early years membership was below 50; there was one hike each week with a break in July and August. The trolley car to Westville and the Greyhound bus were used to reach some trailheads.

The club was on ice for a few years during World War II but has otherwise operated continuously, while membership has increased and activities have become more varied. Some current members live many miles from New Haven.

Events, initiated and led by volunteer leaders, cater to the energetic and the casual rambler, the worker wanting an evening outdoors, the retiree wanting mid-week activity, the biker and the canoeist/kayaker.

Although members of the club care deeply about the preservation of trails and open space, we are not a political organization. Our focus is on arranging outdoor activities and some social events, and we are still small enough for active members to know one another well.