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CLASS OF HIKE:  C = 1-5 miles  B = 5-9 miles  A = 9-13 miles   AA = 13+ miles

Bring bug repellent for hikes after mid-April. Bring water and rain gear. Bring lunch unless otherwise noted. Dogs not allowed unless leader states otherwise. If in doubt about any equipment, clothing or footwear necessary, or if weather is questionable, please check with leader.

The New Haven Hiking Club members, club officers, and activity leaders, assume no responsibility for persons hurt or lost, or for other related mishaps. Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult or must have special permission from the leader. Leaders have the right to cancel or change a hike or activity or to refuse attendance to anyone for any valid and apparent reason

Hiking Requirements: Wear boots or other appropriate footwear suitable for the terrain. Dress in layers appropriate for the weather and season (don’t wear cotton in wet, cold, or snowy weather). Bring snacks, lunch (unless otherwise noted), and water (extra in warm weather). If conditions warrant: snowshoes (typically 12 inches or more of snow) or traction devices (for icy trails).

Recommended: Backpack/fanny pack, rain jacket or windbreaker, cap or hat, extra socks, lip balm, insect repellent (warmer weather), sunscreen, and hiking poles. In winter: extra gloves and hat.

Dogs: Permission from leader required. Use leash when necessary and required by rules; ensure good behavior.

Questions: The club welcomes non-members on our events and encourages them to become members. Registering for events is not necessary, unless stated in the write up. Contact the leader directly with questions, especially if weather is uncertain. Do not depend on an email from the club to learn about a cancelation.


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Saturday, April 14   5-6 mi, class B   New England Nat. Scenic Trail + Lone Pine Trail, Guilford
Meet 9 am at the Braemore Preserve parking lot, which is on Rt. 77 in northern Guilford, (9.5 miles north of I-95, Exit 58) opposite a red barn at address number 5000. Steady rain cancels. But bring rain gear anyway. Call by 8:15 am if weather threatens. Bring liquid, and lunch. Please turn off phones. Talking while walking is very dangerous.
Jim Fullmer 860 663 3373.

Friday and Saturday, April 21 and 22   STAR TREK Lyrid Meteor Shower
Please, call about driveway condition if snow lingers. Otherwise, come at 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm to see the beautiful crescent Moon very much up close. A marvelous sight. If sky is nearly overcast, the event is canceled for that night only. From 8:00 to 8:15 pm see Venus brilliantly in the west. See colorful and exploded stars, stellar nurseries, star clusters, and galaxies. After 10:00 pm see Jupiter and its moons. The Lyrid meteor shower gets is at its best late at night, but meteors may be seen in the evening. Please bring a working flashlight and binoculars if you have them. The hike will explore a scale model of the Solar System. Leader has a 25-inch (mirror diameter) telescope. IMPORTANT: Dress 20 degrees warmer than temperature normally requires, especially regarding HEAD, hands, and FEET. Then, you will be amazed at how good you feel!
Directions: From the crossing of Routes 80 & 81, go north on 81 for 1.6 mi, L on Lover's Lane for .7 mi, L on Rt. 148 for .3 mi, R onto Birch Mill for .2 mi, L onto driveway after bridge. House is .2mi farther on the R, before descending to the pond. If you come via Durham, Birch Mill Road is on the left 5.5 miles along Rt. 148 from its junction with Rt. 79. This is about .5 mi farther than a pond dam with 20 mph sharp road curves.
Captain James Fullmer 860 663 3373.

Sunday, April 22   5 mi. cl B   Hammonasset Beach Walk, Madison

Meet at 10:45 am to walk at 11:00 am from the West Beach parking lot at Hammonasset State Park for a 5 mile walk from West Beach to the Meigs Point/bird watch platforms area. Lunch afterword for those who are interested. Joint with SCCC.
Directions: I-95 to Exit 62 and follow to the park.
Marge Pelliccio (203) 272-3316/ cell (203) 606-4128 or

Sunday, April 22   5 mi. cl B (B3B)   Hike, Peter's Rock Park, North Haven
Meet at 12:00 p.m. to hike at 12:15 p.m. from the main parking lot of Peter’s Rock Park, 133 Middletown Ave. (Rt. 17), North Haven, just north of the junction with Quinnipiac Ave. This moderate paced 5-mile loop hike will explore the various trails at Peter's Rock, stopping to enjoy the views from the summit of the Sleeping Giant and the Hanging Hills of Meriden. The hike has an estimated 950 ft. of elevation gain. This is a suitable choice for a beginning hiker seeking some mildly challenging terrain. Well mannered dogs welcome. Rain cancels.
Peter’s Rock Park map
Directions to Peter’s Rock:
I-91 North to Exit 8 to Rt. 17 North for 1.7 miles. Right into the parking lot behind the gas station.
I-91 South to Exit 9. Right on Universal Drive, then the next right on Montowese Ave. for 0.4 miles. Right on Quinnipiac Ave. for 0.8 miles. Left on Rt. 17 North for 0.1 miles.
Tom Ebersold,


Saturday, May 5 (rain day Sunday May 6)   4 mi, class C, MAINTENANCE ON FRISSEL TRAIL
Come help maintain the highest trail in Conn. - only 2 miles long. It's beautiful, with great views. Visit the state’s highest point. Bring water, trail food, gloves, and loppers if you have them. Some tools can be provided. Work at your own pace for as long as you want. Call for time and meeting place.
Jim Fullmer 860 663 3373.

Saturday, May 1   5-6 miles class B   Shepaug River Meanders, Washington
Hike a trail system with loop options. Easy pace. Great view of entrenched meanders of the Shepaug River, plus historic sites and an abandoned railroad tunnel. Bring traction footwear, rain gear, 2 liters of water and a trail lunch. Steady rain, snow, or ice cancels. Call for meeting time and place. Please always set phones on silent to enjoy the forest.
James Fullmer 860 663 3373

Friday, May 18   3 mi, cl C   Lake Saltonstall, Branford
Meet 9:15 the hikers’ parking lot at 400 Hosley Ave in Branford, CT 06405. Hosley Avenue runs between Rte 1 (West Main Street) and Bushy Plain Road in Branford. Regional Water Authority, no pets. Heavy rain or snow cancels.
Trail map: Trail map
Directions: I-95, Exit 54. From I-95 North, turn left on Cedar St. From I-95 South, turn right on Cedar Street. (becomes Brushy Plain Rd.) for 1.4 miles. Left on Hosley Ave. for 0.3 miles. The parking lot is on the right just before the sharp turn in the road.
I-91, Exit 8, to Route 80 East for 3.8 miles. Right on Totoket Rd. (becomes Brushy Plain Rd.) for 1.6 miles. Right on Hosley Ave. for 0.3 miles. The parking lot is on the right.
Geoffrey Smith 203-488-3352


Saturday, June 2   5.5 miles Class B   Hike Quinnipiac and Regicides Trails, Hamden-Bethany
National Trails Day Hike, Northern West Rock Ridge State Park
Park at end of Paradise Ave. Extension (street address of 1740 Paradise Ave., with the nearest house at 1660 Paradise Ave.) at 9:45 a.m. for 10:00 a.m. start. The hike will be about 5.5 miles with 800 feet cumulative elevation gain. We will ascend York Mountain at 680 feet from the east with southward views and continue on the Quinnipiac Trail with westward views and a break. The Quinnipiac Trail is the oldest Blue-blazed Trail, adopted by the CPFA Trails Committee in 1929. We will descend and proceed to the Sanford Feeder trail. From the Sanford Feeder, we will follow Baldwin Drive (closed to cars) south. The road crosses the Regicides Trail, which we will follow north with views to the west and then east (with a break). We will do a steep ascent of York Mountain, this time from the south, and return to Paradise Ave. Leashed dogs okay. Heavy rain cancels. Rain date is June 10.
Directions: DO NOT use GPS to find the start location. There are three unconnected sections of Paradise Avenue in Hamden, and GPS may take you to the wrong section. Use these directions to insure your arrival!
From Rt. 15 North, take Exit 61 to Rt. 10 North for 0.8 miles. Left on Shepard Ave. for 1.8 miles. Left on West Shepard Ave. for 0.2 miles, right onto Laura Rd. for 0.2 miles, and then right onto Paradise Ave. extension for 0.2 miles. Park in the cul-de-sac area.
From Rt. 15 South, take Exit 61 and go right Whitney Ave. for 0.2 miles. Left on Dixwell Ave. (Rt. 10 South) for 0.6 miles. Right on Sanford St. for 0.4 miles. Right on Shepard Ave. for 1.4 miles. Left on West Shepard Ave. for 0.2 miles, right onto Laura Rd. for 0.2 miles, and then right onto Paradise Ave. extension for 0.2 miles. Park in the cul-de-sac area.
West Rock map
West Rock information
Dennis Jakiela, 203-710-1406,

Sunday, June 3   7 mi Class B Hike   Roaring Brook, Quinnipiac and Farmington Canal Trails, Hamden-Cheshire
National Trails Day Hike
Meet at the parking lot for Lock 12 Park & Museum 487 N. Brooksvale Rd. (Rt.42), Cheshire at 9:45 for 10:00 start for this 7-mile hike with a net elevation gain of 700 feet. We will do a short carpool from Lock 12 Park and Museum to Roaring Brook Park to begin. We will ascend the Roaring Brook gorge and experience the falls, then continue onto the intersection with Quinnipiac Trail, explore the upper falls and then hike south along the Q. Trail and ascend Mt. Sanford (890 feet). We will descend Mt. Sanford near Camp Laurel, and hike east through Naugatuck State Forest to Brooksvale Park, Hamden. From Brooksvale Park, we will return to our starting point northward along the Farmington Canal Trail. Leashed dogs okay. Heavy rain cancels. Farmington Canal Trail maps
Naugatuck State Forest map
Falls website (but no maps)
Directions: Rt. 15 North, Exit 61. Right on Whitney Ave. (becomes Rt. 10 North for 6.6 miles. Left on King Rd. for 0.4 miles. Left on Rt. 42 West for 0.7 miles. The parking area is on the left. I-691, Exit 3 to Rt. 10 South for 5.2 miles. Right on Rt. 42 West for 1.1 miles. The parking area is on the left.
Dennis Jakiela, 203-710-1406,

Sunday, June 3   7.5 mi, cl B+   Big Gulph, RWA, North Branford
Meet 9:30 Northford Park on 1829 Middletown Avenue (Rt. 17). This is a Connecticut Trails Day hike, joint with the North Branford Land Conservation Trust. No pets allowed. Heavy rain cancels. This is about 2 miles north of the center of Northford, and about 6-1/2 miles south of the center of Durham.
Directions: I-91 North, Exit 11 to Rt. 22 East for 4 miles. Left on Rt. 17 North for 2.1 miles, and the park is on the right. I-91 South, Exit 14, then left on East Center St. for 0.7 miles. Right on Northford Rd. for 2.3 miles. Left on Rt. 17 North for 0.7 miles and the park is on the right. Rt. 15 to Exit 63 to Rt. 22 East for 4.6 miles. Left on Rt. 17 North for 2.1 miles and the park is on the right.
Geoffrey Smith 203 488 3352

Friday, June 29   3 mi, class C   Sugarloaf, RWA, Guilford
Meet 9:30 am at the parking lot at 1155 West St., Guilford, off County Road, which runs between Rts. 80 and 77, north of Rt. 80. Regional Water Authority, no pets. Heavy rain cancels.
Trail map
Geoffrey Smith 203-488-3352