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CLASS OF HIKE:  C = 1-5 miles  B = 5-9 miles  A = 9-13 miles   AA = 13+ miles

Bring bug repellent for hikes after mid-April. Bring water and rain gear. Bring lunch unless otherwise noted. Dogs not allowed unless leader states otherwise. If in doubt about any equipment, clothing or footwear necessary, or if weather is questionable, please check with leader.

The New Haven Hiking Club members, club officers, and activity leaders, assume no responsibility for persons hurt or lost, or for other related mishaps. Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult or must have special permission from the leader. Leaders have the right to cancel or change a hike or activity or to refuse attendance to anyone for any valid and apparent reason

Hiking Requirements: Wear boots or other appropriate footwear suitable for the terrain. Dress in layers appropriate for the weather and season (don’t wear cotton in wet, cold, or snowy weather). Bring snacks, lunch (unless otherwise noted), and water (extra in warm weather). If conditions warrant: snowshoes (typically 12 inches or more of snow) or traction devices (for icy trails).

Recommended: Backpack/fanny pack, rain jacket or windbreaker, cap or hat, extra socks, lip balm, insect repellent (warmer weather), sunscreen, and hiking poles. In winter: extra gloves and hat.

Dogs: Permission from leader required. Use leash when necessary and required by rules; ensure good behavior.

Questions: The club welcomes non-members on our events and encourages them to become members. Registering for events is not necessary, unless stated in the write up. Contact the leader directly with questions, especially if weather is uncertain. Do not depend on an email from the club to learn about a cancelation.


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